Thank you Dr. Diana.

I can definitely tell the difference in how my arthritic knee feels after I have been on the supplements for 4 months. At first I thought things were better but now I know things are better. I know because I ran out of the supplements and was late at getting more and the pain returned. I was so excited to see the pain decrease when I restarted the supplements. Next time I run out I will literally RUN OUT to get more. Now I am trying to do more exercise. In fact, I'm going to start Tai Chi. Can you believe it?

Smiling at 75 y.o.

As a golfer I never want to miss a season, especially during my vacation in Florida. Unfortunately I have a "bad" shoulder, which can affect my ability to golf. Therefore, every six months I get a cortisone shot in my shoulder. This year has been different. After taking Dr. Diana's supplements suggested in his book Healthy Joints for Life I can confidently say my shoulder has full motion and is pain free. I will not be getting a cortisone shot before heading to Florida this year thanks to Healthy Joints for Life supplements.

Grateful Golfer

I wanted to share my experience with the Healthy Joints for Life program now that I have participated for over 90 days. I have severe arthritis in my right knee. Previously, several of my daily activities were impaired. I had significant difficulty climbing stairs. I couldn't walk up stairs naturally, but rather had to lead with my left leg and drag my right up. Secondly, my hobby of playing golf was limited to playing less than 9 holes. The pain was not worth it. Lastly, in performing simple, everyday movements I had to be careful with the knee. If I just squatted down to pick something up I had severe pain. If I got out of the car too fast, I would experience a quick, sharp pain.

Now after the 90 days, I am able to climb stairs without the same degree of pain. In'm almost normal. The 1st five or six stairs are a breeze. Secondly, I recently had a trip to Florida and played golf 4 times in 8 days and finished 18 holes on each occasion without a problem. Lastly, I have recently noticed that my daily movements involving my knee are less restricted and the sharp little pains are almost gone.

I realize my knee arthritis will always be there, but I am experiencing significant improvement in my daily activities and I want to thank you for the help. I am a believer in the Healthy Joints for Life Program; supplements, nutrition and exercise and will continue on it.

Tom G

After months of joint pain in my hands and wrists, I am thrilled with the results I am now getting from taking the level 1 through 4 Healthy Joints for Life supplements. I have tried a variety of supplements in the past hoping for some relief, but with no success. When I read Dr Diana's book, Healthy Joints for Life, I was eager to try this special formulation... it all made sense on paper. After 2 months on the supplements I can honestly say my pain and discomfort is almost completely diminished. I am both thankful for and astonished by how well this program works.

Happy in Glastonbury

I've worked side by side with Dr. Diana for the better part of 15 years and when my left knee (history of ACL reconstruction years ago) started to ache while exercising I asked him about joint healthy supplements. It took about 3 months for the supplements to become effective but I am convinced they have helped. I'm a believer in the Healthy Joints for Life supplement program. Rather than spend $2-$3/day on medication, I spend less on joint healthy supplements that are heart healthy too!

Thanks Dr. D.!!!!!

This is a letter that a son received from his mom after giving her Healthy Joints for Life:


I did want to write to tell you how worthwhile the book on Healthy Joints was. As you know I did change my diet (with a few social cheats) and am exercising with machines on a very careful basis. I did see an improvement in my thinking after 2 weeks and now 8 weeks my joints feel better, so it is much easier to deal with my right knee. Please make sure I get two additional copies of the book. I want to give it to my Rheumatologist and have it around for Dad to read too. You have always been my best buddy, since the days when we did errands together.

Your Mom, with much appreciation