How long have you been treating patients with this program?

I've been using diet, supplements, and exercise to treat patients with joint pain for nearly 20 years.

Who devised this program?

This is my program. I have been influenced by several integrative physicians over the years who have emphasized that inflammation is the culprit in many diseases. This program has been developed to help people with various degrees of osteoarthritis. The Healthy Joints for Life lifestyle is backed by several hundred scientific studies, which are provided in the book's bibliography.

What is integrative orthopaedics?

I am a mainstream orthopaedic surgeon who has performed over 300 orthopaedic surgeries every year for the last 20 years. Nearly every day I prescribe prescription medications. Surgery and prescriptions provide a valuable role for the treatment of many patients. However, I also strongly believe in the effectiveness of supplements, diet, and exercise in treating joint pain. The integration of mainstream medicine with more holistic treatments is what I mean by integrative orthopaedics.

How many people have tried this program?

Hundreds of patients have been introduced to the program over the years.

Is there scientific basis for this program?

The entire basis for this program is scientific. The bibliography of Healthy Joints for Life is full of over 500 references upon which the program is based.

How do I know this will work?

The only way to know if this program will work for you is to try it. You should check with your doctor to make sure there are no contraindications. This program has been very effective for numerous people and has even averted the need for surgery in many. Should the program not help with your joint pain you can be reassured that it will not negatively impact your ability to have surgery. In addition, it is heart healthy and part of a cancer preventative lifestyle.

My joints hurt so much I don't think I can exercise. Can this program help me?

The objective of the Healthy Joints for Life program is to help people with arthritis decrease their pain. Even people with severe arthritis can be helped. Various techniques including water exercise techniques and isometric resistance exercises can be used for those with debilitating arthritis. The only way to know if this program will help is to try it.

I have heart disease, can I exercise?

Appropriate exercise is usually recommended for patients suffering from heart disease and even those who have experienced heart attacks. "Cardiac rehab" is part of a standard treatment package for "heart patients." The key is to get on the right program with appropriate exercises and intensity. Talk to your physician.

I've never exercised before, where do I start?

The format for the book allows people to pick exercises for their level of osteoarthritis and physical condition. The illustrations may be sufficient for some people while the videos on this web site may be sufficient for others. If you need more personal direction do not hesitate to seek out a personal trainer and bring along the Healthy Joints for Life book so you can show them the program you would like to pursue.

I am a diabetic, is this diet OK for me?

No two diabetic patients react exactly the same so I would never recommend treating diabetes without close physician follow-up. Some diabetic patients need medication, either orally or by injection, in order to manage their diabetes. Others manage their diabetes without medication, through diet and exercise. With that caveat, in general, this is a great diet for diabetics. It minimizes carbohydrates, especially quickly digested carbohydrates and encourages eating slowly digested carbohydrates and fiber. I strongly recommend close physician involvement because appropriate diet, supplements and exercise may significantly improve diabetes.

I've heard that high protein diets cause bone loss. Why do you recommend a high protein, lower carbohydrate diet for bone health?

High protein diets cause increased urinary excretion of calcium but they also cause increased absorption of calcium. The net result, shown in studies, is bone strengthening.

I am worried about the health effects of a high protein diet. Should I be worried?

I understand your concerns because I have seen considerable criticism of high protein diets in the media. This diet stresses quality protein sources, specific healthy fats, and does not eliminate carbohydrates but selects healthy carbohydrates. This type of a diet is joint-healthy, cardiac-healthy and cancer-preventative.

How did you choose the supplements in your program?

The supplements were chosen based on scientific articles written on their effect on inflammation and the musculoskeletal system. They have been used by me and many patients over the past 20 years.

How do I know the supplements I use are authentic?

This is a problem that should concern everyone. I know that it deeply concerns me. Supplements are a large part of this program and Consumer Reports has suggested that up to 70 percent of supplements are not providing what the ingredient label states. Therefore, I suggest you spend some time investigating the supplements you purchase. An independent lab that tests the product and has its stamp on the bottle is a step in the right direction. You might consider Healthy Joints for Life supplements as a secure choice that is lab tested.

Where can I get my supplements from?

You should be confident that the supplement supplier that you choice is reliable. You need to make sure that your supplements contain authentic ingredients and in the appropriate dosages. Since the Healthy Joints for Life program involves supplements with specific dosages it can become confusing when various manufacturers offer supplements in a range of dosages. Having purchased my supplements at local vitamin shops and at various internet providers I know how time consuming and confusing it can become. I never found a single provider which had everything that I needed. Healthy Joints for Life offers guaranteed product at the correct dosages in a cost- and time-effective manner.

Are there side effects to the program/supplements?

There are side effects for everything. You may have heard of studies where two equal groups of people are compared, one group taking a drug/supplement and the other group taking a "sugar pill." When people have side effects from the "sugar pill" that is the placebo effect. This program is quite safe but everyone is encouraged to seek professional advice because individual needs and medical conditions vary.