In manufacturing it is generally accepted that you can't make a quality product with inferior parts. The same concept applies to our bodies. It may not be as obvious but the components of the food we eat are the building blocks of our cells and organs, in other words, the parts that make up our bodies. If you follow my analogy, it's common sense that heavy parts make a heavy machine. Lighter parts make a lighter machine. And so it is with our bodies. Heavy, caloric foods make a heavy body. Not such a good situation for people with aching joints.

Let's go an important step further. Joint pain revolves around the process of inflammation. You may not have thought about it, but there are inflammatory foods, which put the body in an inflamed state. This sets the table for painful inflamed joints. It is therefore our job to set our kitchen table with foods that fight inflammation. We are not interested in a heavy body or inflamed joints so we need to eat foods that are going to satisfy us, keep us happy, light and pain free. Younger Joints, Younger You: The All-Natural Joint Relief Revolution takes you through the concepts of joint healthy eating. Every week, on the web site I'll share with you a different recipe that will help to keep your joints from aching. Eat well, move more and enjoy joint pain relief.