It is a bit unusual that I'm the one to present nontraditional, nonsurgical treatments for joint pain. I am an orthopaedic surgeon with over twenty years of experience who has performed more than 5,000 successful joint surgeries. I maintain a full-time practice as a managing partner in the largest provider of orthopaedic care in the state of Connecticut. It may be unusual but it should be reassuring that a surgeon with the power to cut is the one giving the advice on how to avoid the knife.

My background is a little unconventional as well. Before becoming an orthopaedic surgeon I was a Miami Dolphin football player and Yale collegiate All American. In 2008 I went to a Miami Dolphin 25th reunion celebrating our team's Super Bowl XVII appearance. The health problems affecting many of my teammates gave me pause. Joint pain had drained too much vitality from the men I battled alongside and remembered so fondly as healthy, vigorous, and full of energy. I became consumed by thoughts of helping them. I realized that I couldn't go around the country doing surgery on all of them. I needed to help them in a different way. It didn't take me long to realize that I had a treasure trove of information to give them that was already benefiting my patients. With this book I knew I could reach beyond my patients and teach many how they can overcome joint pain through diet, exercise, and supplements.

Like many mainstream doctors, I didn't start out as a believer in holistic treatments. Years of treating patients has changed that. I believe in the power of a joint healthy lifestyle that can be achieved through diet, exercise, and supplements. I have been using this approach to treat patient's joint pain for many years. During my research on this subject I came across information about a little known molecule in the cell that is extraordinarily important in controlling inflammation, the process that is responsible for the 'pain' of joint pain. If you can control this molecule, you can control inflammation and thereby help patients with joint pain. While I may be unconventional, I am not a snake oil salesman, so I'm not promising a cure and the suggestions for modifying diet, engaging in exercise, and using supplements are very reasonable, not outlandish. And the recommendations found in my book are substantiated by scientific literature.

But, there is more behind this than molecules and scientific study. I've spent countless hours with my own patients--men and women, young and old--developing a plan to nonsurgically treat their joint pain. As a trained and experienced surgeon, I know that some patients do require surgery to repair damage to their joints, but I have discovered that surgery isn't the only answer. For those who don't need surgery this program is a perfect answer. This program is road-tested and scientifically based and the benefits will not only lead to joint pain relief, but can contribute to heart health and cancer prevention. What a triumvirate!

I am very excited to be presenting this book to you and hope that through it you can reduce your joint pain and reclaim the ability to move through your life with ease and happiness..