Healthy Joints for Life




No surgery. No medication. No drastic measures. Just healthy joints – for life!

I invite you to join the all-natural joint relief revolution. This book has the power to bring you the knowledge to change your life: Reducing your joint pain while making you more active, healthier, and happier. All you need to do is to be receptive to change and become an enthusiastic participant. The results will be straightforward: Healthy Joints for Life.

In the book you will learn:

  • Which delicious foods reduce inflammation

  • Simple exercises tailored to your ability

  • The right supplements to help increase your mobility

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    "My long time student, friend and colleague, Dr. Richard Diana, has written a classic text that provides advice about exercise and life styles to protect aging joints. As a former cardiac and vascular surgeon, and now someone whose coronary arteries need all the help they can get, I can attest to the applicability of Dr. Diana's expert recommendations on diet that apply equally to joint health and to coronary artery disease as well. This is a masterful treatise that is also an entertaining read, full of vignettes from Dr. Diana's life as a scholar, family man, physician, and athlete."

    -John E. Fenn, M.D., Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery, Yale University

    "Dr. Diana's book Healthy Joints for Life promotes a completely different approach to deal with joint pain. It's a safe, scientific approach without side effects and unlike so many other programs it's good for your overall health. Certainly, those with osteoarthritis can benefit, but as a coach I can see application of the concepts of the book to younger high school and collegiate athletes or even professionals who train aggressively and need to rebound quickly. Fighting inflammation without the risks of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories is of obvious benefit. Every coach should read this book, especially the supplement and diet sections, to see if they feel if it might help their athletes deal with aggressive training."

    -Steve Addazio, Boston College Head football coach, former coach Notre Dame, Florida (National champions 2006, 2008), Temple, Indiana

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